Iwate, the second to largest in Japan, has the number one scale in seaweed and ear shell farming. Chusonji Golden temple, a famous sightseeing place, is a temple covered with gold foil as the name describes and is designated as a national treasure. Also Southern Ironware is famous and the "Jumbo Iron Kettle" in front of Mizusawaesashi station is the largest one in Japan with diameter of 2.5 meter and weight of 1.8 ton. Every October, during the "Mizusawa Industrial Matsuri", a "potato soup" is cooked with the "Jumbo Iron Kettle" and is served to about 6,000 people in one pot. This "potato soup" and "wanko soba" are famous local food. A wanko soba is especialy popular and there are a wanko soba eating contest.