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Interview with Zaiyu Hasegawa and Hiroyasu Kawate

JAPANTWO(JP2):Mr. Hasegawa has been awarded Asia 50 and Mr. Kawate was awarded One to watch this time. Please tell us what you think about it now? Mr. Kawate: I’m honestly happy because it was my dream as a chef, and also personally. Recently Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants (referred to as Asia 50) has been attracting a lot of attention, differs in the sense from the tradition of Michelin so I was hoping to go on the stage regardless of the order.

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Farm Fujii

Farm Fujii's vegetables are sent to approximately 140 clients, including individual clients, businesses and famous restaurants such as the French cuisine "Florilege" in Tokyo. The farm is located at an altitude of 1000m in Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, where various produce are being grown in a manner that keeps the energy within the vegetables. "Family" was the key in starting up a farm run by the married couple. We interviewed the couple, whose warmth and generosity filled their home and their produce, about the reason they began farming and their thoughts on growing vegetables.

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Domaine Chaud

I lived in Dubai from childhood until I reached high school. My parents would often go to different countries and have drinks. So I tried various drinks and enjoyed many of them, but my encounter with wine was the most memorable. Out of all the different types of alcohol I have tried, it was the only drink that made me wonder, "Where and how did someone make this?" when I drank it.

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CAVE DOCCI is situated in Kakudahama, Niigata-shi, Niigata prefecture, near Japan Ocean. They grow grapes here by utilizing the natural features of this area. These grapes with their unique characteristics are then distilled into the domestic wine. It has been 20 years since CAVE DOCCI has been established. With the addition of the English garden filled with beautiful flowers, restaurant, hot spring, and accommodation, they have created a short-stay winery, where visitors can relax and enjoy their wine in a tranquil environment.

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Sugahara Glassworks Inc.

Sghr (Sugahara), is a glass workshop in Kujukuri in Chiba prefecture where the artisans are involved through out the manufacturing process, from design to production. From a small workshop that is exists within the colorful scenery, countless number of glass products are produced every year, each carrying a message of "becoming a significant part of people's daily lives." As the representative director and an artisan, Mr. Sugahara told us his passion for maximizing the beauty of hand-made glasses.

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Maruni Wood Industry

"Maruni Wood Industry" is a wooden furniture manufacturer that represents Japan. Here, they make numerous pieces of furniture; the essence and the quality of wood are materialized into these simple yet beautiful pieces. The smooth wooden texture and the symmetrically arranged wood grains are the end result of the detail-oriented products from Japan. These highly-refined products have been drawing attention around the world. Today, we asked the president of Maruni Wood Industry, Mr. Yamanaka, and the craftsmen, Mr. Suetsugu and Mr. Takeji, about their thoughts and their focus on furniture.

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"Florilege" is a prominent French restaurant in Tokyo. Since its opening in 2009, it has been well-known as one of the few restaurants that is fully-occupied on a regular basis and is difficult to make reservations. Constantly taking in new ingredients and cooking method, Florilege finally opened its doors with a new concept after moving to its present location in March, 2015. Our first interview is with Chef Hiroyasu Kawate. We will ask him about his childhood, how he became a chef and his goals since opening the restaurant at this new location.

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Traditional Japanese snacks come in many varieties, but the most well-known variety of snack is called dagashi. They are the cheaply priced, small snacks that were created during the Edo Period. They used to be sold at small shops appealing to younger children, but with current trends, dagashi are usually sold online or in convenience stores.

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Expat Eats

As a California native living in Japan, I tend to be partial towards the usual "delivery takeout" pizzas from Dominoes or Pizza Hut (although Papa John`s is my favorite thus far) or the made-from-scratch types found at nice Italian eateries. However, the "pizzas" I find in Japan are definitely not what I or any of my other expat friends are used to.

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Wagashi,Japanese Sweets "Ichigestu"

Wagashi is Japanese sweets made by a traditional process, and it is distinguished from European sweets which came into Japan after the Meiji period. It is made almost entirely of plant originated ingredients, using minimal amount of oils.

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Cosplay Festa at Tokyo Dome City 2010.09. Part1

The world's biggest cosplay entertainment event, "Cosplay Festa TDC" was held on from September 18th to 20th, 2010 at Tokyo Dome City Attractions (former Korakuen Amusement Park).

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Real Size GUNDAM moved to Shizuoka

Real size Gundam will appear in a public as an eye-catcher until 2011 Jan. 10 for the event of "World's Capital of a Model, Shizuoka Hobby Fair" sponsorship by Shizuoka city. To commemorate 30th anniversary of Gundam's plastic model "Gunpla", Gundam stands on hometown of Gunpla. It has Gunpla style decal which is different from Odaiba's Gundam, and he holds beam saver on his hand.

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