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Japanese Table Manners

Many people are nervous about Japanese Table Manners. Please do not be nervous! Honestly Japanese Table Manners are very difficult understand even as for Japanese. Let’s learn basic table manners.

Hanko – Inkan – Insho

Insho is a type of seal or stamp which verifies ones authority, using it on official and private documents ensures that it the person or group is who they say they are.

At Public Bath (Onsen, Sentou, Furo)-Manners

Although you’re excited at a bath or at a Ryokan-hotel, shouting or singing in a loud voice is too thoughtless for other customers.  Have fun with its beautiful sight, the murmur of a small stream, and the humming of a bird to not destruct others.

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Toilets in Japan

Free public toilets are usually available all over Japan, and can be found in department stores, convenience stores, and in train stations.

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