Article of Anshin Oyado Akihabara

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Unshin Oyado Akihabara is the acclaimed capsule hotel that opened in 2013 in Akihabara, the town of Japanese subculture and home appliance. Just a 3-minute walk from the Akihabara Electric Town exit, Unshin Oyado is a conveniently located Bali island themed hotel. As they offer high quality service with the concept of safety, reasonable price, and peace of mind, they attempt to eliminate the stereotypical image of capsule hotels. We interviewed about the type of service offered in this hotel in Akihabara, where many foreign tourists visit.

Unshin Oyado Akihabara has an 8-story structure, from B1 to 7F. The front desk on the first floor uses low-key carved wood to create a luxurious ambiance. Here, you will receive your locker keys for your luggage and the number for the capsule pod you'll stay in, after the check-in. Basically, the luggage will be kept inside a locker, since the capsule pods do not have security locks. If you happen to have large-size luggage as trolley suitcase, you may leave it at the front desk.

The public bath is located on the basement floor. Unshin Oyado has hot springs containing rich minerals as well as Mist Saunas, where you'll be able to refresh your stressed out body. Also they provide various types of shampoo, and you can rent the trouser press and iron as well. The variety of amenity goods characterizes and distinguishes them from other capsule hotels.

The relaxation corner is located on the 2nd floor. The first thing you'll notice is the spacious open area. It is primarily used by guests to relax and pamper themselves and at times, various gatherings are held after conventions. In the adjacent room, you can use the fully-automatic massage chair for free, and there are 10 private rooms, each furnished with a TV and a PC. In addition, you can borrow mangas and use the vending machine, free of charge.

The capsule rooms are located on the 3rd floor to the 7th floor. Considering the guests' safety, their system does not allow people to enter the rooms without the barcode on the wristband which you receive at the front desk. The container-shaped capsule has the dimension of (1m ×1m ×2m) (Width x Height x Length), and are lined up with rows of 2 capsules placed vertically. The capsule pods used at Unshin Oyado are 1.2 times larger than the capsules common in other hotels. Contrary to the tightly-spaced impression you may get, you'll be able to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Since the world's first capsule hotel came out, it is said that the basic structure has not changed. Although there are more stylishly-designed capsule hotels these days, Unshin Oyado focuses on the quality of its accommodation facility. They are the first capsule hotel in Japan to use Simmons custom-ordered bedding, which has been gaining popularity amongst upscale hotels. All of the capsules are equipped with AC sockets, multiple battery chargers, and 19-inch TV monitors, the biggest monitor offered in the capsule hotel industry. Also, Unshin Oyado is the pioneer in the industry to offer tablets to hotel guests. Air purifiers and humidifiers are installed on each floor, providing a comfortable environment for a sound sleep.

On this interview, I had the opportunity to actually get inside the capsules. Unlike the impression you usually get from a typical capsule hotel, the capsule was comfortable and spacious; it was really cozy inside. For your pillows, you can choose from the memory foam pillow or the micro bead pillow. This is one of the reasons why the guests approve this hotel; they can customize according to their tastes. In addition, the 6th and 7th floor are VIP rooms. The basic room structure is equivalent to those on other floors, but they provide guests with luxurious down pillows and down futons for a more comfortable stay.

Unshin Oyado not only provides hotel accommodations but, in order to meet the various demands of our guests, it is opened to people who simply wish to use the bathing facility or to rest at the relaxation corner. One night accommodation is offered from 4180 yen. The public bath is available for 1080 yen, and the Internet cafe charges 480 yen per hour. Although you may find that the pricing is a little higher compared to typical capsule hotels, it is definitely reasonable considering the careful details they put into their amenities and bedding. Also, Unshin Oyado in Shinbashi is known to have installed fire alarms well before the regulatory requirements came into effect, and has further set up security gates and cameras to insure their guests' safety.

Many of the guests at Unshin Oyado Akihabara are businessmen who have missed the final train and are unable to return home after a night out. As they are located in Akihabara, they also receive guests who come to attend Pop Idol conventions that are often held for several days.

Unshin Oyado Akihabara is open 24/7 all-year round, excluding 2 inspection days. Since Akihabara is a popular tourist destination, they have many visitors from abroad. Unshin Oyado Akihabara's motto is to offer "super friendly service" to their guests; they offer service that meets the needs of each and every guest. Why not stay at Unshin Oyado when you come down to Akihabara?

Gorgeous Capsule Hotel Unshin Oyado Akihabara
Address 1-2-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
TEL 0120-083-489