Tatsuzo Takahashi

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In June of 2010, I happen to meet Mr. Fujii, the editor of this website at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum located in Shirokanedai, Minato-ku. He was taking picture of the main building of the museum. Teien Museum is one of my favorite places in Tokyo. I was moved by the concept of "JAPANTWO", to introduce Japan, especially the Tokyo to the world and joined this attempt.

I am working as a lawyer at Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku. My clients are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, accepting items in any kinds of field. Many of the work are related to business contracts but I accept criminal case, labor case, domestic case and not only do I accept job at lawsuit but also do negotiations.

My motto as a lawyer is "to bring the best solution to the client". Through my experience as a lawyer, I feel that the best solution does not always have to go through the law.

Nowadays, Japanese society is getting more and more complicated. I have interest in the fact that the rights of people who live in the society and the actual people who do the trade are not being protected enough. Through the activity of a lawyer, I hope for this society to become a more comfortable place that many people around the world wish to visit.


Born in Gunma prefecture in 1984. After graduating Keio University majoring in law, finished law school at Chuo University. Belong to Tokyo Bar Association in 2009, and begin working as a lawyer at TANAKA&Partners in Akasakamitsuke, Minato-ku. And started own Law Office (Adiantum Law Office http://www.adiantum.jp/) in Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku in 2010.

In this website, he will be in charge of writing a column regarding legal problems for foreigners.

Tatsuzo Takahashi's column